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How to Remodel Your 90’s Bathroom

By December 17, 2020December 18th, 2020Builder Tips, Remodeling
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As San Antonio‘s population boomed in the 1990’s, more and more houses were built with a distinctive “90’s vibe” to their layout, features, and appearance. While you may have loved your ‘90s bathroom when you bought your house, it’s probably starting to look and feel pretty outdated these days. While bathrooms from this era may still be in decent condition, they often look incredibly dated or overwhelming to the modern eye. 

Remodeling a ‘90s bathroom into a contemporary master bath can do wonders, replacing outdated designs with updated colors, new finish materials, and modern lighting. A few tweaks can make your space truly cutting-edge.


Update Your Bathroom Color Palette

The 1990s interior design often featured dark wooden cabinetry, warm shades of beige and yellow, and busy patterns with vivid colors. At the time, these worked together to create a sense of cheer and personality. Unfortunately, the same color palettes come across as a bit jarring today.

Most contemporary bathrooms use a limited color palette with crisp, cool neutrals and smooth cabinet finishes. Rather than creating a cheery-feeling space, the goal is to design a spa-like retreat that appears calming or even sophisticated.

To remodel your bathroom for 2021 and beyond, refinish the surfaces in shades of white, light gray, or cool taupe. Consider using charcoal or black for a bolder look, especially on the floor and hardware.

Be sure to keep the color palette to the bare minimum. Two colors, such as black and white or taupe and white, are often plenty, especially if you use natural materials like marble that include slight color variations.


Upgrade the Dated Bathroom Hardware

Thick brass frames and fixtures dominated in the ‘90s. While brass vanity drawer handles can still be a good option today, you may want to get rid of any mirror or shower frames made from the heavy alloy.

For a truly contemporary bathroom, choose matte black, delicate gold, or silver hardware. Avoid thick frames of any material on mirrors and showers; a minimalist look is best.


Accentuate Your Bathroom Remodel with Modern Lighting

Contemporary design places an emphasis on lighting. The right choice of lighting can make your bathroom feel bright and airy, while the wrong one may feel slightly tacky or cheap.

Instead of ‘90s large-but-dim yellow ceiling lights, choose layers of small, unobtrusive LEDs and cool lights that emanate from the mirror. Many interior designers today make a statement with large midcentury modern sconces or pendant lights.

After the color palette, lighting is often the biggest giveaway that your bathroom dates back to several decades ago. Be sure to take out any outdated lighting styles, such as rows of outward-facing bulbs over mirrors.


Create A Spa Vibe with Natural Materials

Where ‘90s designers celebrated rich colors, you could say that contemporary designers embrace rich materials. Sophisticated choices like classic porcelain, veined marble, limestone, and other natural stone materials truly take your bathroom to the next level, giving it a luxury spa feel.

For vanities and cabinetry, either choose smooth, crisp materials with clean tops or light, fine-grained woods like teak or bamboo. Dark, heavy woods such as oak are generally considered a no-no in contemporary design.


Streamline Your Bathroom Furnishings

In most cases, you can get by with keeping your original bathroom furniture. Just be sure to upgrade the finish to a smooth, cool color — and maybe choose a more streamlined sink style, such as a rectangular tabletop or under-mount sink.

If you are completely redoing your bathroom, consider adding a floating vanity to create the smoothest possible appearance. Clean, minimalist lines are ideal in contemporary design.


Bonus Tip: Upgrade to A Freestanding Tub and Glass-Paned Shower

A freestanding tub and/or walk-in shower is often the centerpiece of a contemporary master bathroom. If you have space, a great way to set your bathroom remodel apart is separating the bathtub and shower. This can help you transform your bathroom into a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere.

Ask your bathroom remodeling contractors to add glass shower panels — maybe with thin matte black frames — and a waterfall shower head to complete the look.


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